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Cafe Review - Authentic Skiathitian Cafe
To Oneiro - To oveipo (in greek)

Hidden in the back street behind the many restaurants and street-front cafes is one of the few authentic Cafes run by a Skiathitian who knows very well the needs of the Cafe.  The Cafe is called "To Oneiro" which means "The Dream" it is on the corner of the second street facing the main harbor.  Many of the locals go here.  "Anapsiktirio" means soft drinks, coffee, and juices. The sign you see here is outside the Cafe.
The Dream Cafe
Check out Skiathos Dog & Cat Shelter at
( for further information on the care of animals in Skiathos.
Skiathos Dog & Cat Shelter
Skiathos View from Plakes
Fantastic rooms in the Plakes area of SkiathosRoom with two single beds, cooking facilites, veranda with view of sea.  Adjoining room (both private) for one person.  Lower prices in June and September.  Swimming area below.

Rooms in Skiathos


Artist in Skiathos

Many people on the island this past summer enjoyed the artistic talents of many local Skiathos' artists, such as:

Theo Noutsos - Painter  Click Here.
Skiathos, Greece

Theo has many of his original art paintings on his website.

We wish continued success in future exhibits.
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